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Conducting an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a mandatory step before renting your property in England.

The EICR involves a thorough examination of the electrical wiring, sockets, consumer units (also known as fuse boards), and any other fixed electrical fittings within your property. As ever, it’s essential for this work to be done by a sufficiently qualified professional.

From April 2021, every tenancy in England requires a valid EICR. Landlords must supply tenants with a copy of a valid EICR at the beginning of the tenancy; upon issuing a new contract (including renewals); and upon request from any tenant, within 28 days of receiving a written request.

What makes an EICR valid?

To be valid, the report must include the following:

  • The outcomes of the inspection and test, categorised as either satisfactory or unsatisfactory


  • If applicable, a list of observations requiring remedial work or further investigation


  • The deadline for the next inspection and test


Once completed, the EICR remains valid for up to five years. After this period, you are required to renew the report, ensuring that within 28 days, a copy of the new certificate is provided to any existing tenants.

 Is there a fine for not having an EICR?

Landlords who don’t hold a valid EICR prior to the start of a new tenancy may face a fine of up to £30,000.

The enforcement of these regulations falls under the jurisdiction of local authorities, as outlined in the Housing Act 2004.

Local authorities can also arrange remedial action if you don’t proceed with the recommended repairs and improvements outlined in the report.

After receiving a notice of remedial action, landlords are granted a 28-day period to complete the required work. In urgent cases, a shorter timeframe may be stipulated.

What if my property fails the electrical inspection?

If the report indicates that remedial work is needed for the property’s safety, landlords must enlist a qualified and competent professional to handle the job within 28 days, or sooner if the report flags anything as urgent.

The qualified person must then provide the landlord with written confirmation either that the property now meets safety standards, or that further work is required.

Make sure to share this written confirmation with each tenant within 28 days of the initial work, along with a copy of the original inspection report.

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