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It seems our clients are already looking to the future and creating investment plans for 2022… are you thinking ahead?

This time, more than ever, we keep being asked “Is it a good time to start investing in property?”

Our answer is, it’s always a good time to start investing in property as long as you have a firm idea on your strategy, and you hold a clear plan with finances to support the plan. Oh and its always good to have a plan B!

During 2021, Sheffield property prices have seen an increase of 10% – 15% which is due to a number of factors including key fundamentals, geographically and economically, as well as pent up demand post pandemic.

This is also true for rental prices, demand for quality rental property is “breaking the ceiling” in my areas… the market really is hot hot hot!????

If you have plans to grow or buy your first investment property in Sheffield in 2022 then maybe we can help; get in touch
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