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If Japanese Knotweed can be treated, why is it still such a problem?


Here are 21 knotweed reasons:

1. The treatment is expensive and takes years to be completed. ????

2. It can come back to life at any point, even after a long period of dormancy. ????

3. It spreads very easily, all on its own. ✅

4. It smothers any vegetation growing alongside it. ????

5. Disturbing the roots causes it to spread more.

6. Felled Knotweed grows wherever it gets dropped.

7. It is illegal to allow it to spread to other properties but difficult to stop it happening. ????

8. Land affected by Knotweed is classified as contaminated.

9. Felled Knotweed is classified as controlled waste. ⚠️

10. It cannot be taken to the local refuse tip. ????

11. It cannot be put in a wheelie bin or composted. ❌

12. The roots can extend 30m from where the visible plant is.

13. Roots can also extend several metres downwards into the ground.

14. It is immune to domestic weed killers. ????

15. It can find its way into buildings through the smallest of gaps.

16. It will break up thin asphalt or paving to allow itself to grow. ????

17. It causes blockages in drains. ????

18. Knotweed affected property can be un-mortgageable.

19. It will adversely affect the value of a development site.

20. It can make development projects unviable. ????

21. It is dead / not visible in winter, so can easily get missed.


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