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The Government’s Green Homes Grant scheme is now open for applications. The deadline to apply and get the works completed is March 2021 – so landlords will need to begin applications as soon as possible. 

Despite the new lockdown restrictions, installers carrying out work for the Government’s green homes grant scheme can continue to work in people’s homes, following Covid-19 secure guidelines.

The vouchers will cover up to two-thirds of the cost of qualifying improvements up to a maximum of £5000. They are available for two types of energy efficiency improvement: primary measures and secondary measures. 

Applying for a voucher through the Green Homes Grant Scheme is a unique opportunity for you to get government help with the cost of energy efficiency works.

While you will have to pay for some of the work, the upgrades will still be required when the grants are no longer available – so you may be able to reach the future minimum standard at relatively low cost.

Additional changes to energy efficiency targets for landlords are on the way, with plans to raise minimum energy efficiency standards for rental homes to C grade or higher from April 2025 for new tenancies currently under consultation.

To help members navigate the application process for the Green Homes Grant Scheme the NRLA website now includes a  step-by-step guide  to accessing the grants. Here, you can learn more about eligibility for the scheme, what the different primary and secondary measures are and how to find a trader.


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