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As tenants your responsibility doesn’t end when you decide to leave the property therefore we have put together some information and checklist for you to follow to ensure you know how to fulfil these responsibilities.

Tenant Moving Checklist

Council Tax & Utilities

As far as utilities are concerned, most providers should allow you to switch addresses relatively easily, though there may be short delays if phone lines or other hardware needs to be installed at your new property. After you’ve moved out, you can provide final meter readings if necessary.

Check with your landlord before ending the service you receive from any provider.

Have you contacted your local council tax authority to inform them of your change of address?

Have you contacted your water supplier to let them know you’re leaving?

Have you contacted your telephone and broadband supplier to let them know you’re leaving?

Have you contacted your gas supplier to let them know you’re leaving?

Have you contacted your electricity supplier to let them know you’re leaving?

Have you notified your TV license provider to let them know you’re moving?

Address Change

Have you notified everyone who needs to be notified of your change of address? Possible things to consider may include:

Your bank / building society

Your insurance provider(s)

Your GP, dentist and other relevant medical practitioners

The DVLA (for motor insurance and driving license)

Your mobile phone provider

Service providers who need your address (i.e. magazines, Amazon, etc)

Royal Mail (you may want to set up a redirect service too)


Your workplace

Property Conditions

The property should be as clean and clear as possible by the time you come to move out – this is where disputes can occur if not. You may wish to hire a cleaning service to make extra sure, though you’re under no obligation to do so.

The main tasks are listed here:

Are the kitchen appliances (including oven, hob and microwave) clean to a good standard?

Have you defrosted the freezer?

Have you wiped out all cupboards to get rid of any debris?

Have you covered up any scuff or dirt marks on the walls or doors by repainting or cleaning?

Have you washed the inside and outside of the windows (it may be an idea to hire a window cleaner for the outside windows you can’t reach)?

Is the garden tidy?

Have you ensured all rugs and carpets are clean to a professional standard?

Have you vacuumed and/or washed furniture upholstery?


Have you labelled all the keys for easy identification?

If there are any missing, have you notified Horizon Lets?


Have you made a final sweep of the property and made sure it’s as clean as possible?

Have you ensured all main valves are off (including the main power switch at the fuse box)?

Have you ensured all appliances are shut down and unplugged?

Have you locked all windows and doors?

Have you taken photographs where necessary if you think you may require proof of conditions?



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