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There will be times when you will need to find this out, for example, if the tenants have changed the supplier without telling you. This is quite easy to do as every property in the UK has a unique reference number, which can tell you the name of the utility supplier.

Gas Suppliers

All you will need is the Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN). You can find this out by ringing the national automated Meter Number Helpline on 0870 608 1524.

This will give you the reference number for the property and the gas supplier and its telephone number.

This information will be provided by an automated service, but if there are any problems you will be swiftly transferred to a ‘real person’ for assistance.

Electricity Suppliers

For this you will need the Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN). You can obtain this by ringing your local electricity distribution company and asking for it. They should also tell you the supplier.

The distribution companies are as follows (English and Welsh numbers only):

Eastern Region
EDF Energy – 0800 183 1515

East Midlands
Central Networks – 0870 607 0459

EDF Energy – 0845 6000 102

North East
Northern Electric – 0845 601 3268

North Wales, Merseyside, and pts of Shropshire
SP Manweb – 0845 270 9101

North West
United Utilities Electricity – 0870 751 0093

South East
EDF Energy 0845 6000 102

Southern Electric Power Distribution – 0870 905 0806

South Wales
Western Power Distribution – 0845 601 5972

South West
Western Power Distribution – 0845 601 5972

West Midlands
Central Networks – 0870 607 0459

Yorkshire Electricity Distribution via CE Uk – 0845 330 0889


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