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As the months change from beautiful sunshine to the gloomy weather we are currently experiencing we feel it is important to advise landlords of empty properties and also tenants living in our properties how to look after them within the colder months.

Starting with the outside, make sure any general works are up to date and that any repairs have been carried out before the winter creeps in. Firstly, check the roof to ensure that the entire thing is intact, if you are a tenant this may also include going into the loft to check you cannot see any holes if this is possible. Any damage to the roof can cause leaks and internal damage to the property. Plus, nobody wants a poorly maintained roof that collapses because it has too much snow on it! You may also find it useful to clear the gutters which will no doubt be full of leaves and other debris after the autumn months – this will eliminate the risk of overflowing or damaged gutters which could easily cause water damage or internal damp issues.

It is also important to protect pipework during the colder months to limit the risks of leaks within the property which could cause damage whether this be to an empty property or a tenants belongings if the property is occupied. The most appropriate way to limit the risk of any issues occurring is simply to ensure the heating comes on for a few hours everyday, preferably during the morning and evening at separate intervals – this can be effective even at the lowest of temperatures. If the property is unoccupied for any reason and you prefer to be not being utility bills you also have the option of draining the plumbing and heating system down. It is not 100% fool proof solution as some water may remain in parts of the system but it should limit any damage if there happens to be any. If you chose to drain the system down you may need to be aware that the property may be more susceptible to condensation when the heating is turned back on.

Unfortunately an empty property can be very obvious, particularly at night time during the months where we have less daylight to enjoy there security is a very good idea if you plan on leaving a property empty. Ensure all windows and doors are securely locked and if you have an intruder alarm make sure it is switched on at all times – obviously this will not ensure that nothing bad happens but at least if it does then somebody will be aware of it.

Alex Roley, Director says:

“Lets ensure we keep your properties safe this winter and the spring months don’t take too long to come round!!”


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