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The Energy Performance (EPC) ratings are due to change on privately rented homes from a minimum of an E to a C rating. This will apply to all new tenancies from April 2025 and any existing tenancies from April 2028.

There are some concerns that quite a few properties will cost thousands to bring up to a C rating, but the government believes that proposed plans will drastically improve the energy performance of private rented homes.

As a result of these improvements, we should in turn start to see the following happening:3>

  • Significant emission reductions … This will contribute to Carbon Budgets and support a decarbonization pathway consistent with the 2050 target.
  • A decrease in bills for low income and vulnerable tenants, in support of the government’s fuel poverty target.
  • An increase in the quality, value, and desirability of landlords’ properties.
  • A reduction in energy bills for tenants which in turn, will ensure warmer homes.
  • A support to the investment in high quality jobs and skills in the domestic supply chain.
  • Enable greater energy security to be provided through lower demand on the grid and reduced fuel imports.

In September, there were big changes to Energy Performance Certificates in readiness for the launch of a Green Home Grant Scheme, in conjunction with the Government’s plan.

Within the Green Homes Grant, the Government has made available 600,000 vouchers for energy efficiency improvements and has set a budget of £2billion that households can apply for to enable them to do the works needed.

The vouchers are worth up to £5,000 for a variety of energy efficiency and heating measures however, this figure can potentially increase to £10,000 for fuel poor homes.


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