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There are around 400,000 listed buildings in England.

Historic England (formerly English Heritage) keeps a register of all listed building entries in England.

If a building is considered to be of special architectural or historic interest, it will be included in a list of such buildings.

A listed building may not legally be demolished, extended or significantly altered without special permission from the local planning authority ????

There are 3 types of listed buildings in the UK;

????Grade I refers to buildings of exceptional interest.

????Grade II* refers to important buildings of more than special interest.

????Grade II refers to buildings of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve them.
More than 90% of all listed buildings are listed as Grade II, while 5.8% are Grade II*, and just 2.5% are categorised as Grade I listed buildings.

There are 2 common mis-conceptions regarding listed buildings;

Firstly is that Grade II listed buildings are afforded less protection than Grade II* or Grade I listed buildings.
In fact, it is a criminal offence to alter ANY listed structure without obtaining consent.
Secondly is that the listing only relates to what is detailed in its listing description.
The description is for identifying the building and does not provide an exhaustive list of what is protected.

The designation of a listed building includes the interior, exterior, the grounds and all that lies within its curtilage at the date of listing ????

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