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Now that the cold months are in full swing, we are very aware of the threats this can cause to your property. From frost which can damage pipes to storms which can cause flooding and other damage. As landlords ourselves we feel it is important to make sure your property is as well protected as possible by ensuring it is in the best order possible to withstand the elements.

Tips for protecting your property from the problems winter can cause:

  • Be sure that you know the location of all mains stop taps and that they are fully working – This could save a lot of damage if there was ever a leak or burst pipe.
  • Check your roof – this should be well maintained and not have any cracked or broken tiles. If there are any which are not up to standard, then make sure you get them professionally fixed.
  • Get your boiler checked – getting it serviced and making sure it is in full working order will ensure that your pipes do not freeze.
  • Check your outside pipework – if you see any cracks in them make sure you get this seen to immediately.

Are you going away?

If you are going away, leaving the heating on low during the day will stop your pipes getting too cold and eliminate the risk of them freezing. If you are away for a longer time it would be advisable to drain the heating system and any water tanks the property may have. You could also ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your property and give them your number for if anything should happen.

Other than the repair issues which could potentially occur whilst the property is empty you also need to bear in mind the darker nights which are now here. Simples things such as setting a lamp on a timer and cancelling any daily deliveries could help to protect your property as these things all make it look empty!

If you are ever unsure on how to prepare your property for being empty then feel free to contact us on hello@horizonlets.com so we can help you enjoy your winter break safely and worry free!!!


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