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Our Spring maintenance checklist suggests that should be being performed and there’s definitely something about the satisfaction of a good spring clean!

So what jobs do we suggest should be focused upon at this time of year…

Structural maintenance:

  • Roof checks for any damage or moss build-up (after some winter storms, tile damage in particular is a risk that could go unnoticed until such time as it becomes critical)


  • Guttering & draining – is it free of debris that could cause blockages?


  • Is external brickwork and paintwork free of damage or are touch-ups needed?



  • Check your attic or loft space to ensure its still dry & moisture-free


  • Clean windows, dust light fittings, and move furniture to reach overlooked nooks & crannies


  • Get ruthless with throwing away or donating un-used or un-wanted items, or things that are past their best


  • Re-align thermostats to take into account current temperatures


  • Commence garden prep-work by mowing the lawn, and trimming back hedges & shrubs


All achievable tasks, I’m sure you’ll agree with us, we’re all excited to be on the way for Summer’s focus on outdoor living!


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